What Is 3F-Phenmetrazine And What Does It Do

The 3F-Phenmetrazine

Phenmetrazine is categorized as a stimulant drug that incorporates component of phenethylamine skeleton, with the amine component incorporated into a ring of morpholine. The drug was originally German patented. It was previously employed to suppress appetite but was later withdrawn from the market due to addiction and abuse issues.

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Uses: 3f-phenmetrazine has found entry to clinical use where it is better known to produce less hyperexcitability, nervousness, insomnia and euphoria as compared to amphetamine cluster drugs. Comparing the drug to other stimulants, it is known for its failure to raise the heart rates, greater weight loss effectiveness and lack of numerous side effects. Phenmetrazine was classified as a narcotic and preferred to other drugs such as methamphetamine and amphetamine due to its stimulation prevalence as it is considered as among the most pro-sexual and euphoric stimulant. This way, the drug finds its wide application in recreational activities. 3f-phenmetrazine is used as a stimulant to keep its consumers awake and boost their kicking and working conditions.

Pharmacology and Consumption: the drug is dopamine and  norepinephrine releasing agent having131 ± 11 nM and 50.4 ± 5.4 nM  EC50values respectively and a negligible serotonin releaser efficacy and 7,765 ± 610 nM EC50value. The drug is mostly consumed while dissolved in water and injected into the body while upon oral consumption, 70% of it gets secreted within a day, approximately 19% get excreted as unmetabolised drug while the rest as different metabolites. On rats trials, upon subcutaneous phenmetrazine administration, the two optical isomers got affected in minimizing the amount of food intake while the levo isomer remained more effective on oral administration. The dextro isomer was observed to me roughly four times effective in reference to central stimulation as in both administration methods discussed earlier.
Structure:  the drug incorporates a amphetamine backbone molecule, and the dopamine and norepinephrine releasing agent, the prototypical CNS stimulant. The molecule is a loose resemblance of ethcathinone which is a very active anorectic amfepramone metabolite. Phenmetrazine are less selective noradrenaline releasing agents when compared to ethcathinone.

The drug lacks stim tolerance and forms clumpy substances that resemble salt while its mixture in water gives a foul smell. Early effect signs include being awake for long, alertness and paying much attention. Clear coffee-like stimulation (do away with anxiety), mood lifting and music appreciation, body sweating, especially on the palms, lack of euphoria, faster heartbeat and tunnel vision form part of the secondary effects.
Addiction is one of the major chronic diseases that have the recurring tendency once treatment is ceased therefore recommending for other long-term treatment methods. To relieve addiction problems, behavioral and pharmacotherapy are the key things that individuals need to think of. Evidence shows various benefits of pharmacotherapy addiction mechanisms as evident in animal medication trials in improving the latter condition.

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