Finding a good electrician online

A Good Electrician vs A Rough Trader

In this article, we will go over the differences between a good electrician and a rough trader. We will discuss why rough traders should be avoided and why you should hire a qualified electrician instead. After reading this article, you will know why you must hire a qualified electrician for all of your electrical work.
Qualification Make An Electrician

You can’t really go around calling yourself an electrician if you haven’t undergone the proper training and licensing yet there are rough traders who violate this professional, legal and moral code everyday. They do so to make a quick buck and to take your money. Being untrained they really do not do good work at all and it is often the case that you will have to have their work redone by a true professional.

The Mistake People Make

The biggest mistake that people make is choosing a rough trader just because they want to save a little bit of money. They look and say, “see, this guy can do it for this little bit of money” yet they never wonder why and how this person will do things for so cheaply. I actually have a personal story where this happened growing up to my family. We were renovating a house and we hired one of these rough traders because they had the cheaping estimate out of everyone. They seemed like good people but what ended up happening is that they took our money and just sat in our basement for several weeks, We ended up having to sue them to get out money back. Ultimately, we had to act as our own general contractor and hire out professional tradesmen to do the work. Do not let this become your expensive story.
Training And Experience Really Does Matter

Training and experience really does matter and that is what you are getting when you hire a professional electrician. You are getting someone who has invested in their trade, who has put a lot of time in to learn the ropes and someone who knows are the correct techniques and electrical codes. No amount of lowballing will make a rough trader’s offer worth taking because they cannot provide the things that a good electrician does. Rough traders also do not hold the insurance and bonds that a professional electrician does so when the rough trader destroys your house you will have yet another bill to pay.


Now that you have read this article on professional electricians vs rough traders, there is no doubt in our mind or yours that rough traders are bad news. You understand that the cheap prices that they offer are only done to covered up their shoddy work. We don’t know if you are independently wealthy with a money tree in your backyard, but for most people they care very much about getting the most value from their money. They simply can’t stomach wasting money with a rough trader when there are quality electricians who will get the job done right the first time.